Hi my name is Jay! I offer guitar, bass & voice lessons in West Bend, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  After 20 years teaching hundreds of students I set out to create a teaching method that was better than the any other in the world!

Why is my method so different you ask? The answer is simple. I created a method that caters to the way our brain works.  My method teaches music the way it was meant to be read, in alphabetical order from A to G. Other music methods teach in reverse. Instead of teaching music in the direction of the alphabet going up, they teach it going down or backwards. After years of teaching with traditional guitar method books, I found that students were always left confused by the material!

Every other method teaches like this: E – F – G   then B – C – D

Now here is an example of my method: I teach notes A – B – C   then  D – E – F

See how my method makes so much more sense? After discovering the fault in all guitar methods, I quickly changed the way I taught guitar and the results are amazing!

I am so sure that you will like my guitar teaching method, I’m letting you try the 1st lesson for FREE! Click below to try it:

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